Trade Afriq is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that has as its core activity the provision of services to third parties. Foreign investors involved in sourcing activities use our services for activities such as providing market and supplier research, quality control, product development, design and logistical support services.
We have proven to be great alternatives to representative offices (ROs), especially when an RO’s operations start to grow and its costs begin to rise.
If, however, a business wishes to engage in import and export activities as well as domestic distribution (i.e., retail, wholesale and franchising trade activities), our provided services is one of the best and clients trusts us with recurring mutiple business.

Ware Housing

State of the art build warehouse for all your needs.

Online Booking

Bookings can be done online with the quick and easy way.

Affoardable Cost

With affordable costing it will easily come in your budget.


The products offered covers a wide range of options ranging from rice in edible cereals to dry and jute bags for storing products.
We treat our clients with extreme care and with online platforms, it is now easier for consumers to communicate their opinions of products and services to the whole world, and buyers now relying on candid testimonials of customers’ experience.
Our well-equipped warehouses accommodate a large quantity of various products in a extremely hygienic and appropriate manner which provides a great gateway to store products for a longer and sustainable period as per the client needs.

Our Product Collection


It seems like a single warehouse would be easier to manage, but there are clear benefits to spreading your warehouse inventory among several locations.
Looking for a way to grow your business so that you can ship product all over the world? We may have an idea for you…
Selling physical products comes with plenty of challenges. Unlike service-oriented companies, we deal with managing your supply of inventory and well-managed inventory is the key to profit creation. There are a ton of benefits to multiple warehousing and we can help you manage your products in an efficient and well organized matter.

  • Ivory Coast

  • Ghana

  • India

  • Dubai

  • Togo

  • Burkina

  • Vietnam

  • China

  • Turkey

  • Belgium